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“Homeschooling on a Shoestring” by Melissa L. Morgan & Judith Waite Allee

As parent who is planning on homeschooling her child in a few years, I’ve been picking up books on the subject here and there for a few months now.  “Homeschooling on a ShoeString” caught my eye during a recent library jaunt, and it proved a fast and (mostly) fun read, even if you consider that it was written in 1999, so it’s a little outdated.  (There might be a more revised edition, I honestly haven’t looked.)

As the cover promises, this really is “A Jam-Packed Guide for Parents” looking to teach their kids at home, but who maybe don’t have unlimited funds for such an enterprise.  Topics like a family budget, using borrowed and recycled items, visiting the library and other free community activities to go along with the lessons you’re teaching, and building a curriculum are covered.  There are a lot of tips for free outside teaching resources as well – many educational companies have come around and cater/sell to homeschooling parents as well as schools.

While Morgan approaches homeschooling from a religious stand-point, Allee is a secular homeschooler.  It’s their two combined approaches that make the book enjoyable — how this shoestring thing works for both types of homeschool families.

The book was a quick read, and got me thinking about clever alternatives to simply buying an expensive curriculum set to teach my son at home.  Not bad for a library book, right?