Let it go.

My friends, my friends –

I have had some lovely times via this blog.  I have met some cool people and picked up some books I probably wouldn’t have read otherwise – like romance novels.  I would never have read romance novels, but ‘m glad I did. (Margo Maguire’s “Wild” is staying on my bookcase forever. That is a heck of a read.)

I remember a time when I was in college, studying Literature, where I threw down whatever book I was reading (probably Henry James – F that guy) and had the epiphany that the fastest way to stop loving to read is to get too involved in the dissection of every text and in exerting pressure to write about what you’ve read.

It’s time to lay this blog to rest.  Simply, while I still love reading and am actually reading a ton despite having an active toddler around all the time, I’m no longer loving writing about what I’ve read, and I’m finding myself feeling pressured by myself to keep up with arbitrary deadlines.

I will still read.  There are millions of amazing books out there.  I will still participate in World Book Night and visit Printer’s Row and love indie bookstores and libraries and I promise to raise my son to be a lover of books.

I just don’t have the passion for book-blogging anymore.

It’s been grand. Keep reading, friends!




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  1. JamieP, thanks for all the blogging posts here.
    There is a time, a season, it seems for almost everything, including a blog or two. I, too, retired a blog that I enjoyed for a few years, to focus on some other writing.
    Continued success to you in your word directions! 🙂

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