“The Penny Pinchers Club” by Sarah Strohmeyer

pinchAfter the heartbreaking read that was “We Need to Talk About Kevin”, I needed something light and fluffy.  With one walk to the library, I found Sarah Strohmeyer’s “The Penny Pinchers Club” and I can’t imagine there being a more frothy, pink, easy-breezy piece of chick-lit in the world.  I hope that sounds like a compliment, because it’s intended as one.  Some books seek to change your life, or showcase the genius talent of the author, and some books are pure entertainment.  “Popcorn Reads” are one way of describing these books.

Frugal living is one of my interests, so the plot of this novel – overspending New Jersey housewife thinks husband is cheating on her, so she embarks on a frugal way of life in  order to save money to live on post-divorce – appealed to me.  Indeed, it was full of the kinds of tips you’ll hear on episodes of “Extreme Cheapstakes” or “Extreme Couponing”.  (“Put your appliances on a power strip!” “Buy in bulk!” “Coupons!”)  The book is silly, but it’s a fun read — I finished it in one evening – and, even if you see what’s happening before the main character does, it’ll be fine.  This isn’t a book designed to ignite a revolution, but it’d be nice to read on a beach or a plane. I enjoyed it. The end.


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