“Let Them Be Eaten By Bears” by Peter Brown Hoffmeister

bearsAs an urban-dwelling-Mom, I sometimes worry that our dude isn’t getting enough nature in his day to day life.  I take him to parks and outside all the time, but it’s not like we have a backyard he can play freely in, or the 10 acre farm my Mom lived on.

So, on occasion, I read books like “Let Them Be Eaten By Bears,” which reinforce all the stuff I already know – Outside is good for kids!  Physical Activity and Creative Play are both great things! Turn off your devices and go play!

This book is slightly different, in that it’s written by a dude who is an avid outdoorsman and leads an Outdoor Program for high school students, which takes them into the back country and makes them learn about nature.  There are some anecdotes about real-life experiences with troubled students, as well as the author’s experiences camping with his daughters, and it’s all very nice.  There are chapters about making sure you don’t pack too much for a hike and a list of silly things you can actually buy for camping, like a fondue pot.  You know, useful information – but things most of us already probably know.

“Let Them Be Eaten By Bears” didn’t blow me away, or present anything new and enlightening, but it was a nice reminder to make sure we go outside some more. Also, I picked it up while visiting Bookpeople in Austin, Texas, which is one of the best bookstores in America, so I’m happy.



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