I’m back! — “Space” by James Michener

[Friends! I’m back – After a few months of trying to figure out how the Mom of an active/awesome/curious toddler can sustain a love of reading a lot, I might have figured it out – so hooray! Reading again!  What did I miss?!]


James Michener is not someone you simply pick up and read in your spare time.  You have to commit.  You have to man up.  You have to want it. After putting in the time and enjoying his “Hawaii” and “Alaska,” I decided recently to tackle his “Space.” Having finished the book, I have to say it’s my favorite Michener novel I’ve yet encountered.

It’s still a challenging read.  The author likes to load his stories with huge casts of characters and tons of history, and the whole thing is sometimes overwhelming.  “Space” manages to be an enjoyable novel while, at the same time, teaching  us about the contributions of all the folks who helped America get to space – German scientists, Marines, American Politicians.  It’s the human stories that take the reader through the (occasionally daunting) history of man’s journey into space, and the whole thing is really smart.  It would be a good way to introduce someone to these events without a dry textbook.  I’m glad I took the time and read the book.

It seems “Space” was made into a mini-series starring James Garner? I might have to track it down.




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  1. I loved his “Caribbean” and read it because it was recommended by my dad. Could not agree more with the description of reading a Michener book…you have to man up indeed. But totally worth it. I’ll have to try this one!

    Yay for the return of the book nerd! I couldn’t believe the change having a kid made on my reading life but a Kindle helped a lot 🙂 That and truly embracing the library for us. One for you, one for me!

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