“The Gravity Pilot” by M.M. Buckner

gravitypilotI’m not really a Sci-Fi kinda girl, but I wound up with a copy of M.M. Buckner’s “The Gravity Pilot” while at a convention.  It was handed to me by someone at a booth sponsored by The Sci-Fi Project, who try and get Sci-Fi into the hands of people who don’t typically read this genre.  Basically, they hand out free books.  So I took the book, and it sat on my shelf, and now that I’m reading through all the books I’ve never read, I picked it up.

Dude, this is a good book.

Less “Sci-Fi” than a superbly written story about people who happen to work in high-tech environments in a futuristic version of Earth, “The Gravity Pilot” tells the story of brilliant skydiver Orr, who signs a sponsorship deal to make the first skydive from the stratosphere.  At the same time as this amazing fortune falls into his hands, his girlfriend leaves him and moves away to start a new life and a new job.  Basically, while Orr tries to focus on his new celebrity and training, his new boss schemes to make Orr a huge star and tries to make him fall in love with her.  Also, she tries to keep him away from the news that his beloved girlfriend has fallen into a seedy underground world of internet addiction. A mysterious reporter enters the story, tells Orr the news, and the action begins.

It’s an exciting read, and a fast one.  I liked it — and I didn’t expect to!



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