“Second Reading” by Johnathan Yardley

secondI picked up Johnathan Yardley’s “Second Reading” during what I consider a BookNerd’s pilgrimage to Mecca – a visit to BookPeople in Austin, TX.  BookPeople is such a fantastic bookstore, I can’t imagine a setting more perfect for booklovers.

Now that THAT is off my chest.

“Second Reading” is a perfect book for booklovers.

In 2003, Washington Post columnist Johnathan Yardley began a series where he would re-read a neglected, forgotten, or otherwise faded from the forefront book and write his impressions of said book.  It was a hit.  In “Second Reading,” Yardley collects a bunch of these past columns regarding books both known and unknown.  Yardley loves books, and – bless him! – not just snooty books that are loved by critics.  He likes popular things, too, which is always an endearing trait.  Anyone who likes “Treasure Island” is fine by me.

From “The Catcher in the Rye” to Moss Hart’s autobiography of his life in the American Theater, every book Yardley discusses in his candid and forward way sounds utterly fascinating.

The book made me add the following titles to my own “to-read” list.

  • The Autumn of the Patriarch, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • The House on Coliseum Street, by Shirley Ann Grau
  • Revellie in Washington, by Margaret Leech

If you like books about books, “Second Reading” is pretty grand.

This one’ll be hanging around on my bookcase.



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