My 2013 Literary Resolution…

…is to not buy any new/used books until I finish all the books in the house that I’ve never read.


There are 145 books in this house that I haven’t read.


I’m not kidding.  I went through the shelves and counted yesterday.  This appalling number does not include my husband’s graphic novel collection, which is also quite impressive.

Beginning in January, my husband and I are going to be saving for a house — and so we’re saving our moneys.  As part of this, we’re curbing spending, and my book habit is one of my downfalls.  It is not uncommon for me to leave to get a gallon of milk and return with 5 books I found along the way.  In the interest of saving money, and also clearing out space, I’m going to read my way through what we have in the house for a while.  I’m quite sure some of these books can be donated once I’m done with them. (Open Books, I’m saving a box for you.)


  • I can use the Chicago Public Library to borrow any books.
  • My kid can get as many books as he wants.
  • I can borrow books from friends/get gifted books.

Who knows? Maybe I bought my new favorite book, and it’s sitting on my shelf, and I just never opened it.


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  1. You inspired me to count my own collection of unread books. I’m doing slightly better at 102 (not counting the many, many unread books hanging out on my ipad) … I think it’s safe to say that we have a problem.

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