“The Best of Martha Stewart Living: Handmade Christmas”

Say what you will about her, I like Martha Stewart.  I have respect for anyone who builds themselves an empire as serious as hers, and hey — she (and, let’s not lie, her crack team of contributors) make some cool things.  Have you seen her Halloween magazine? You really should. It’s a trip.

Recently, I checked out “The Best of Martha Stewart Living: Handmade Christmas” from the library to help with my plan to decorate my apartment with crafty Christmas things.

The book is lovely, and would make a great gift for the industrious Martha-fan in your life.  Compiled as a sort of best-of-the-best of Martha Stewart Living magazine’s holiday editions, there are ways to make stockings, style up cookie boxes, spruce up your outdoor decorating, and even whip up a batch of your own candles.  And, of course, the photography is delicious.

In truth, I probably won’t make a great deal of these projects.  Some of them are quite labor-intensive, and I only have an apartment to decorate, not a house on Martha’s Vineyard — But I will absolutely be making the pickled fennel and pistachio biscotti recipes at some point this winter.

Martha is an institution, and this book is a good example of why.

Happy Holidays, readers!


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