“Little Princes: One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal” by Conor Grennan

I’ve just come off a week of having family houseguests, and now we’re in full-on holiday mode, so I’m going to make this short and snappy.  I finished reading Conor Grennan’s memoir, “Little Princes,” and was profoundly touched.  A pretty classic story of a dude with no real life plan stumbling into a cause he’s passionate about and changing countless lives along the way, it’s an uplifting read that had me hooked from page one.

Grennan is the founder of Next Generation Nepal, which seeks to reunite children trafficked during the countries decade-long civil war with the families they left behind.  This isn’t a high-technology game like “CSI” or anything – it’s the kind of work that involves hiking into remote mountain villages and a full awareness that you might get shot along the way.  These children are found in illegal, overcrowded orphanages in Nepal and given a second chance via NGN’s commitment to their cause.  Grennan is almost always likable as he recounts the story that got him to where he is — whether he’s admitting his failings, or being totally honest as he remembers falling in love with his (now) wife via emails from Nepal to India.

I read it over Thanksgiving, surrounded by family, and it made me thankful.  So there.  You should read it.  It’s good stuff.


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