“The Unvanquished” by William Faulkner

I’m going to keep this short and snappy. Staying up late watching election coverage, and dealing with a baby with a fever today have me wanting to do nothing more than sit down and stare out the window for a while.

And coffee.  There should definitely be coffee.

I guess I’m just not meant to be a huge Faulkner fan.  After reading “Sanctuary” and “The Unvanquished,” I find myself in the position of getting why people think he’s great without actually falling in literary love myself.

“The Unvanquished” is a good enough read, though, with some colorful characters.  The story of the southern Sartoris family picking up their crumbled lives after the Civil War, the book deals with the things people will do to get by.  Nowhere is this better exemplified than in the character of “Granny” Rosa Millard.  Once a proper Southern matriarch, she’s reduced to stealing and re-selling mules to keep the family business going.  She’s a heck of a lady.  Personally, I cared most about Cousin Drusilla, who jumps into men’s clothes and joins the action, then finds herself “beaten” by people’s expectations of her as a woman of her time.  It’s quite an interest portrait of feminism, though I really don’t know if that’s what Faulkner had in mind.

I’m glad I spent a couple days with this one.  While I did not love it, it gave me a little more insight into what people go crazy regarding Faulkner over.  He’s obviously a great writer who offers terrific insight into important issues.  While I recognize this completely, he’s just not for me.


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