“America’s Cheapest Family Gets you Right on the Money” by Steve & Annette Economides

Bless Steve & Annette Economides’ money-saving hearts.  They’ve embraced the nickname,” America’s Cheapest Family,” and taken it all the way to the bank. (Money pun.  See how I did that?)

With books, a website, audio seminar recordings, and kits to help you get your family on the “cheap” track, they’ve forged a business out of saving money, which Americans are hands-down terrible at.

Regarding the book — It’s broken down into sections for how to save on everything from cars to clothes to prescription drugs.  Most of the tips are fairly common sense (There’s a huge emphasis on second-hand clothes/stores, which seems obvious) but there are a few truly clever nuggets to be found, mainly in the system they used to teach their five kids about money.  Also, they emphasize more planning things to avoid impulsive shopping/spending.

There are a few “WTF” moments, though.  I can’t be speaking only for myself when I say that the suggestion of purchasing a second-hand slow-cooker to cook your meals in your hotel room while on vacation is a little weird, and is it legal to purchase your prescription drugs in Canada, regardless of the savings?

Still, if you’re looking for a book to aid you in getting your family finances on track, this isn’t a bad place to start.  Kudos to the Economides for their money-saving savvy, and for turning it into (I presume) a profitable business.

FYI — I borrowed this book from the Chicago Public Library, which is one of the ways the Economides’ encourage people to save.

On that note, it’s National Library Card Month.  Do you have yours?



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