“The Weight of Silence” by Heather Gudenkauf

Omigod, you guys.

There should really be a label put on books that indicates they shouldn’t be read by anxious new parents.  Painting a vivid, detail-by-detail portrait of a parent’s worst nightmare “The Weight of Silence” is one of those books.

Seven-year-old Calli and Petra are best friends who live in a nice town.  One morning, their respective parents wake up to find both little girls missing.  With this moment, the book takes off like a rocket, spinning through the narratives of a variety of people closest to the girls in the hours to follow – Calli’s Mom and Brother, Petra’s Dad, and a Detective.  What happened to the girls? Were they taken? Who took them – was it Calli’s Dad, her brother?  Was it the Guidance Counselor Calli’s been working with?  Was it a teenage friend of Petra’s family? As a reader, you can barely breathe as the minutes and hours tick by and the mysteries and knots tying all these people together untangle.

Seriously, this is a fast and thrilling read.

As a new mom, it terrified me.

Ah, the power of literature.



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  1. I agree. A great read and as a parent it creates nightmares. For me it was even more then that because my daughter had selective mutism for two years. Thankfully she is better now but I read it when she was mute.

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