“Hawaii The Big Island” Lonely Planet Travel Guide

For those of us with wanderlust who don’t have unlimited funds, travel guides serve a special purpose – they’re the books of dreams.  Personally,  if it’s so much as suggested that I might get to travel someplace, I’ll likely head right out in search of a guide to the place — and, if I’m lucky, the people at Lonely Planet (who have my undying loyalty and love) have created a guide for my trip of dreams.

My husband and I traveled to Hawa’ii (specifically the island of O ‘ahu) for our honeymoon in 2010, and fell head over heels for the beauty and history of these amazing islands.  We’ve been talking about going back (and retiring there) since the day we returned, and recently pretty much decided to return on our 5 year wedding anniversary, with our son – who will be about three and a half – in tow.  On O’ahu, we didn’t see any volcanoes, so it’s The Big Island this time around.

Off I went to the Chicago Public Library, where I’ve recently discovered an incredible collection of Lonely Planet guides.  I picked up “Hawaii The Big Island” and have been reading it while letting my mind peruse the possibilities.  Being a Lonely Planet guide, of course it’s well laid-out and has gorgeous photography, but it’s the insider information that keeps me addicted to this company.  Already, I’ve learned that November is when the Kona coffee belt has an annual coffee festival,  that I probably want to stay in Hilo, and all about the trek to the volcano and night dives with manta rays.  There are sections on being green in Hawaii, local myths and legends, and suggested itineraries for differing length trips to the islands as well.

Now, granted, the edition I got from the library is from 2008 so I’ll obviously do some more up-to-date research over the next few years, but with this guide in hand I feel like my education as to the wonder of The Big Island is beginning.



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