“Return of the Dapper Men” by Jim McCann & Janet Lee

“Return of the Dapper Men,”by Jim McCann and Janet Lee, is something special.No wonder it was nominated for several Eisner awards upon it’s release.

A graphic novel that’s more Neil Gaiman-y fable than superhero story, it tells the story of a world where time had stopped existing. Machines live above, and children live below, rarely meeting except for a young boy named Ayden and a robot girl named Zoe, who have forged a friendship.

Then, one day, 314 Dapper Men fall from the sky and all this order, artificial as it may seem, comes apart.  With that, I will cease explaining lest I spoil something, which would be a tragedy as this story is incredibly engrossing right to the very end.

Another smash from the people at Archaia, “Return of the Dapper Men” also boasts an introduction from Tim Gunn, the ultimate dapper man.

This book is gorgeously done. Each page should be framed and hung on a wall, as Janet Lee’s art is amazing.  For a preview of the loveliness, check out Archaia’s great site.

One last thing.  The below image is from the forward to the book.  Isn’t it lovely?



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