BookNerd Adventure, kinda: Bookman’s Corner


There’s a used book store a few blocks from my house.  I’ve passed it a million times, and yesterday morning I thought – “I’m out, I’ll stop in.”

Then, it occurred to me that despite the hundreds (maybe even thousands) of times I’ve seen the place, the name of it was a complete mystery to me.  I’ve been there before, and purchased books, and yet… no idea what it was called.


Thanks to Google and yelp, I am able to tell you that this unassuming storefront on the corner of Clark and Wellington is, in fact, called Bookman’s Corner.  Makes sense.

Look, it’s not a fancy place. The inside looks a bit like someone backed a truck of books up and unloaded them.  (My friend Amanda has a theory that the owners actually live in the store, since they can’t physically get out of the stacks.) It’s real cramped and not the cleanest of places, so the claustrophobic and germophobic would do well to stay away.

However, they’ve certainly got books.  And they’re cheap, too.  You’re almost guaranteed to find something you’ll like for only a few bucks.

Also, there’s often a box of free books outside the store during closed hours.  I’ve seen this box, yet never partaken of it.  The yelp commenters seem to like it.



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