“Hey Boo: Harper Lee & To Kill a Mockingbird”

I stumbled upon a charming documentary called “Hey Boo, Harper Lee & To Kill a Mockingbird” while perusing Netflix (where it streams, btw) and was immediately captivated.

Who doesn’t love “To Kill a Mockingbird,” right?

This film, written and directed by Mary Murphy, talks about the enigmatic writer behind the timeless novel, the story of the story, and the impact it had (and still has) on the world.  A ton of folks – from Wally Lamb to Oprah Winfrey to a teacher from Alabama – read from and talk about talk about the power Scout, Atticus, and the rest of the gang had on their lives as readers and as people.  Though the elusive Ms. Lee does not take part, her  sister is interviewed, and audio from interviews with Ms. Lee are showcased as well, including an interview from 1963 where she says she was working on a second novel.  Maybe some day the world will be lucky enough to read it.  [If you’re curious, Harper Lee’s friendship with Truman Capote is discussed as well.  Of course.]

If you love Scout and the gang, check out this informative and entertaining film.  Kudos to Mary Murphy for putting together such a comprehensive and loving tribute to one of the best books ever written.


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