“Re-Gifters” by Mike Carey, Sonny Liew, and Marc Hempel

“Re-Gifters” is the graphic novel equivalent of watching a teen movie.   I mean that in a good way, really I do.  I like “Ten Things I hate about you” as much as many classic/more intellectual movies.

In this tale, a headstrong Korean-American girl navigates burgeoning romantic feelings, parental expectations, her own talents, and the trickiness that IS being a teenager in the first place.  We’ve all been there.  Our heroine, Jen Dik Seong (aka, “Dixie”) is a Hapkido champion ready to take part in a huge tournament, when her young life starts spinning thanks to her crush on one of her classmates, as well as the introduction of a street kid who’s unexpectedly nice to her.  It’s a clever little story, and more than one of the characters turns out to be far more than you think they’re going to be.  (Kudos to the writers for kicking a couple stereotypes out the door.)

The art is simply drawn, but the characters are likable and expressive.  Dixie is one of those leading ladies with flaws that we all like to see win in the end.  She’s not the prettiest girl in class, or the coolest, and her family is far from rich, but she’s got a big heart and works her butt off and as a reader you root for her.  Her best friend Avril is also really likable, especially when she comes through as a quasi-fairy godmother in the more Cinderella part of the story.

This is a sweet little story, told in a very cinematic format, and I read it in record time.  It’s entertaining, compelling and kept my interest right to the end.  What more can I say?



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  1. Mike Carey as in the Felix Castor books’ Mike Carey? The same guy who wrote Lucifer for a while?

  2. Yes- the same Mike Carey!!! If you’ll let me, I’d love to borrow this book- I am a big fan of some of his other works….

    Btw- this is the Stephanie that was at your place for dinner last weekend- and a great dinner it was!

  3. Hey Steph – You can absolutely borrow this! It’s great – I enjoyed it a lot!

    • Yay!!!! If you ever want to read other stuff by Mike Carey let me know- I am a HUGE fan of his and I own quite a few of his books.

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