John T. Zubal, Inc – Or, why I need to go to Cleveland.

I didn’t know there was a mecca of books in Cleveland.  Did you?

I learned this while watching one of my favorite shows, Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations.”  In the Cleveland episode, Bourdain is taken on a tour of the city by “American Splendor” author Harvey Pekar – and he’s taken to John T. Zubal Inc., a warehouse of books located in a former Twinkie factory.  The store, however, is only available online – the physical space isn’t open to the public.


The warehouse probably has over a million books,  many of which are antiquarian and/or signed.  A BookNerd, Tony geeks out – and I would too.


I think this means I have to go to Cleveland…

Thanks to a reader I was pointed to an interview with Zubal over at the youtubes.


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  1. Unfortunately, not open to the public for nearly 15 years.

    Here is an interesting interview with John Zubal:

  2. Thanks so much, Kevin! I’d never heard of this until last night, thanks to Tony Bourdain. What a wonderful business Mr. Zubal has – I’m mad jealous of him! As you can tell, I revised the post accordingly. 🙂 Per that episode of No Reservations, I also learned that there’s a restaurant that makes beer cheese soup using the Great Lakes Brewing Co. beers, so I still need to go to Cleveland anyway.

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