Dr. Seuss day at Open Books! Or, my son’s 1st balloon.


Snoozing in the Stephen King section.

In honor of Read Aloud Day, Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and the fact that I want my 5 month old son to love books if at all possible, the whole family headed down to Open Books this past weekend for Dr. Seuss day, which was a day of crafts, story time, face painting, cake, and celebrating the wonder of getting the little ones to read, which no one did quite as well as Dr. Seuss.

Of course we have a Dr. Seuss onesie. Three, actually.


Now, my son is too young for activities, but we took him down for storytime with Storybook Mom.  The event was packed, but we found a little room for kiddo to stand on the arm of a couch  He took in the action and bounced up and down, so we’re guessing he enjoyed it. Storybook Mom was great, and seemed unperturbed by the mounds of children all over the place — including on her! Happily, she read my favorite Seuss book – “I can read with my eyes shut.” (We didn’t stay the whole time, as he got a lil overwhelmed, but soon got a lot happier once we took him to a quieter corner of the store.)


(Also, a milestone:  He got his first balloon.  This was tremendously exciting, and a real focus-stealer.)


Open Books is simply an amazing store – my absolute favorite in Chicago, if not anywhere.  They carry a huge array of gently-used books on every topic, and all proceeds go to literacy programs.  I peruse there whenever I can, and they’ve been the source of a huge amount of my (and my son’s) libraries.  Kiddo and I will be heading there again tomorrow for another World Read Aloud event — Storytime and a Bake Sale! Books and baked goods? Please.  Of course I’m going. 🙂


Travel section.


Face painting station


Darn right you do, buddy.


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  1. Adorable. Wesley has such cool parents.

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