Margot Livesey at Women & Children First


The lovely Margot Livesey, author of “The Flight of Gemma Hardy,” showed up at Women & Children First on Tuesday night to read from her new book, take questions, and sign books.  As I very much enjoyed the book, I made the trek up to Andersonville to attend the event.

Ms. Livesey is adorable, and reads very well.  That may seem like a weird statement, but some authors really don’t.  Livesey’s lively lilt took us through a few pages from “The Flight of Gemma Hardy,” and seemed as if it could be the real speaking voice of the fictional character.  After her reading, she took questions about her process, her relationship to “Jane Eyre” (which “..Gemma Hardy” is loosely based on/inspired by) and Iceland (which plays a prominent role in the story.)  She also signed books, and I got my copy signed and got to chat briefly with her.  I thanked her for making me want to visit Iceland – Her book should be adopted by the Icelandic government as a tourist brouchure or something. Seriously.


It’s a shame that I’m rarely in Andersonville, because I really enjoy the neighborhood, and Women & Children First is a wonderful independent bookstore.  Obviously, the store has a female-heavy slant, but they carry lots of great fiction as well, and have a great kids section too.   (I purchased a book I can’t wait to read – “Defining Moments in Books.”)  Their sale/Remainder section is rather grand as well, and they host tons of events.


Post-event, my dear friend Annie and I strolled to the Starbucks across the way, got some decaf drinks (It was 8:30pm) and then headed home.  Annie is the only person I know who loves “Jane Eyre” as much as I do, and she was the perfect date.  (Especially when she told Ms. Livesey that anytime she wanted to get a drink, we’d oblige.)


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