“Rice Boy” by Evan Dahm


Evan Dahm’s “Rice Boy” is strangely beautiful.

It’s a graphic novel of such an epic nature that I’m not kidding when I say that it brought “The Lord of the Rings” to mind while I was reading it.  There are tiny underdogs and giant consequences and battles and death and magic and creatures that aren’t entirely human and the whole thing is astonishing.

And really hard to explain. 🙂

Simply, a small being – Rice Boy – is informed that he is the one selected to fulfill a world-saving duty.  Off he sets on his quest, and encounters all sorts of wonderfully weird beings along the way.  It’s a little Narnia, a little Alice/Wonderland, and a whole lot of great.  There are frogs who talk and electronic half-men and undefined, globular creatures.  Heck, we’re never even told what exactly Rice Boy himself is, but that’s fine.  “Rice Boy” doesn’t feel the need to explain everything, which is what makes it a really great read.  Dahm’s artwork is simple in the best possible way, and it’s a fascinating read you can’t set down.

Do yourself a favor and find a copy of this book.  You probably won’t regret it.

**It appears that the copy of “Rice Boy,” I read was part of an initial printing of just 1,000 books.  Recently, Dahm launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to do a whole new printing.  He nearly tripled his $6,000 goal, so I’m sure “Rice Boy” will be in larger supply very soon.**


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