My Handmade Books class – Week 7!


Friday Ritual: Iced Americano @ Beans & Bagels on Montrose pre-class. The Americano is made from Metropolis Coffee's Red Line Espresso, and is awesome.

With only three classes left in my Handmade Books class, we finished two books today.  The first, which we’ve been working on for a few weeks, was the Western Case style book – which is essentially a library-style binding, as shown below.

Being an overachiever, I made two books this time around.  The bigger version is going to be my travel journal for our April road trip.


In previous classes, we cut and covered our boards for the book covers and spine for our Secret Belgian Book — I’ve been going very sedated in color for the past few books, so I decided to kick the girly psychedelia up a little.


Today it was time to sew the pieces of the book together.  Which was easier than I thought it was going to be. (I’m really not much good with a needle and thread.)


The rest of the class was spent sewing our book block (aka, the pages) to the spine of the pieces we’d sewn together.  I finished, and my book held, but it wasn’t as tight as I wanted – so I’m going to re-do it.


Next up, we’re going to be tackling a project from the book “Re-Bound” by Jeannine Stein, the “Cabinet Card Sketchbook.”   (I’m excited.  It’s a quirky little book.)

Lillstreet will be offering the Handmade Books class again for their spring session, if you’re interested.  It’s a really nice class, and I’m having a great time.  I look forward to it each and every week.  The price looks a little steep, but it’s 30 hours of instruction, plus materials and open studio time as well, so I think it’s actually quite a good deal.


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  1. This class looks like so much fun!! It will have to go on my wish list 🙂

    • I’ve really enjoyed the Lillstreet experience. When I have time again, probably this summer, I will likely take their Intro to Letterpress class.

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