Thirteen hours of The Lord of the Rings. Or, “Hey Girl, saddle the whores.”

*As “The Lord of the Rings” is, duh, based off the J.R.R. Tolkien novels, I figured this was book related enough.*

Nothing says good nerdy times like getting about 15 of your favorite people together and spending an entire Saturday watching all three extended versions of The Lord of the Rings,  complete with Tolkien-appropriate food (bread & jam, roast beef) and all the silly slash fiction and “Hey Girl” jokes you can imagine.

The whole thing runs about 13 hours, for the record.  I recommend hydrating, comfy clothes, and coffee.  And absolutely surround yourself with people you love.  (Which is really just a good life lesson.)


Speaking of people I love,  did I mention a baby Hobbit…


…who got tuckered out.  It’s a big journey, y’all.


Pez dispensers.  This is why we love our friends.


Hey Girl.  You shall not pass.


Mount Doom mini-cakes.

Now,  being a tired new mom, I went to bed mid-Return of the King.  So, my vow is this: Before next February’s viewing party, I will have actually read the books. 😉 Bad Booknerd,  I know.

Great fun,  great movies,  good times. Nerds rule.


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