Oscar is a BookNerd.

The 2012 Academy Award nominations came out yesterday, and – shazam! – the year’s nominated films are dominated by adaptations of books.

Shelf Awareness has a fantastic breakdown, but “Hugo” (based off “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”), leads the pack with eleven nominations.”The Help,” “The Descendants,” and “Moneyball” all scored nominations, too. Let us also mention that Rooney Mara landed a Best Actress nomination for playing Lisbeth Salander in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” otherwise known as the role of a lifetime.

Personally, I’m super behind on seeing the nominated films this year, but I’m crossing my fingers for the ladies from “The Help” to take home some acting trophies.  That movie touched my heart and made me cry.  Viola Davis is up against Meryl Streep for Best Actress, so who knows?  However, both Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer (seen above) are nominated for Supporting Actress, and I’d be thrilled if either won it – since they STOLE that movie.  (Spencer won the Golden Globe, FYI.) I think Bryce Dallas Howard should have been included, but maybe I’m the only one who appreciates the beauty of her hateful performance.

Yeah, the Oscars are boring.  Yes, they’ll run long and be really self-indulgent.  I’m not about to stand up and claim it’s going to be a blast of a telecast.  However, maybe I have to tune in – at least for a few parts.


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  1. I am totally loving the high volume of film adaptations making it to the Academy Awards this year! Check out my blog http://www.Mookology.com. I think you will enjoy what I do 🙂

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