My Handmade Books class – Week One!


For a while now, I’ve been interested in the actual binding of books.  Happily, my dear darling husband was able to work from home one day a week so I could attend a class.  (Also, I recently became a stay-at-home-mom, so a chance to get out of the house solo is always welcome.  I love my family, but a girl just needs to wander sometimes.)  Everyone I know that has taken classes at Lillstreet Art Center has raved about the place, so I decided to sign up for their Handmade Books class.

Today was our first class, and I’m already excited for the next one.  I trekked to the lovely Lillstreet facility, located in the Ravenswood area right off the Montrose Brown Line stop, and stopped for a coffee at Beans & Bagels (who’s staff was lovely and friendly) before heading in to get my bookmaking on.

Our teacher is a lovely artist named Connie Wolfe, who admits bookmaking is “addicting.”  In addition to introductions, our first activities were to try two different kinds of bookbinding – the Japanese Stab (shown above on the left) and the Pamphlet book (above, right.)  The Pamphlet book was a breeze, and is super cute.  The Japanese Stab book nearly bested me.  Turns out I didn’t start with enough thread. D’oh.  Lesson learned.

After class, I headed to Michael’s to get some supplies to make books on my own.  Namely, an awl (for putting holes though thick stacks of paper) and cardstock.  Like I need an excuse to stop by Michael’s.

So far, the class is stellar.  I’ll be reporting back each week on what I learned, as well as showcasing the books I made.



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