My 2012 Literary Resolutions

Tomorrow a new year dawns, and with it come resolutions.

Here I go, 2012.

1.  Visit the Madeleine L’Engle special collections at Wheaton College.  This was supposed to be a 2011 resolution, but things – babies – got in the way.  It’s on.

2.  Read more Dickens.  I’ve read “Great Expectations,” and I think it’s one of the best books ever, but that (and of course “A Christmas Carol” too) are about the only Dickens I’ve read.  I intend to remedy that this year.

3.  Visit book-related sites all along our 2012 road trip.  We’re going to Dallas, Austin, and Memphis — and this booknerd is going to have a big ol’ adventure.  Of course, first I have to read books about these cities and by authors from these places.

4.  Continue to support Independent Bookstores.  Therefore, I will try and wean myself from Amazon.  But it’s going to be tough, especially figuring out how to get other ebook formats purchased from other places onto my Kindle.

5.  Read 30 books that I own and have never read.  I’m kind of a book hoarder, and sometimes I get ahead of myself.  Like, 30 books ahead of myself. Here they are, sans author, in no particular order.

    • The Secret History of the Pink Carnation
    • Last of the Mohicans
    • Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
    • The Fourth Hand
    • Evensong
    • French Lessons
    • French Quarter Fiction
    • The Joy Luck Club
    • The March
    • The Robber Bride
    • The Wild Things
    • Rice Boy
    • The Unvanquished
    • The Historian
    • The Secret History of Costaguana
    • Texas
    • Alaska
    • Vietnamerica
    • Zelda
    • The Year of Living Biblically
    • The Tale of Despereaux
    • The Poseidon Adventure
    • Return of the Dapper Men
    • Lady Oracle
    • The Collected Works of Dorothy Parker
    • Hark, A Vagrant!
    • MetaMaus
    • Amsterdam
    • Marriage
    • The Mystery of Edwin Drood *Happily, this fits in with the “Read more Dickens” thing.*


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    1. Bleak House. I really want to be devastated by Bleak House this year. Cheers to Dickens!

    2. i love your to-read pile as I have read some of those and i found them all to be amazing. The Secret History of the Pink Carnation is one of my favorite series and The Robber Bride was truly fantastic, Enjoy your year of reading in 2012!!

    3. I work out near Wheaton college, if you want an exhibit buddy, let me know. I love L’Engle and I am not creepy, I swear.

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