Lonely Planet: “The Travel Book”

I love travel. 

Happily, the people at Lonely Planet love travelling too. 

Extra happily, they’re also amazing photographers and publish books like “The Travel Book.”

This beast of a book (it’s big, folks) devotes a 2-page spread to every country in the world in A to Z format, as well as some other places of interest, colonies, and dependencies that don’t fit neatly into a label.    All in all, 230 “countries” are featured, and each is showcased with Lonely Planet’s trademark photographic brilliance, plus a quick view of the country in question.  (Best time to visit, Capital, Population, Essential Experiences, What to read/eat/watch/drink, Key phrases, etc..)

It’s a perfect gift for anyone who loves travel and learning about the world.  For example, I now really want to visit French Guiana, Greenland, and Macau.  Also, I’m adding a few of the books from the “what to read” sections onto my list of things to read – “Shiver” by Nikki Gemmell and “The Left Handed Woman” by Peter Handke. 

Cheers (once again) to the Lonely Planet folks for putting this book together – it took hundreds of staff members to compile.  It’s a wonderful resource, and one I look forward to sharing with my son as he grows up.


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  1. I. Must. Have. This!!!!!

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