Lonely Planet Guide: “Travel with Children”

My being a new mom has not killed my travel bug one bit. Now though, as opposed to the days of heading out with simply a backpack and no second thoughts, there’s going to be a new piece of living & breathing luggage that’ll need to be factored in to any plans.

When it comes to travel know-how, I always turn first to the folks at Lonely Planet.  Their full-color, informative guides have gone with me many places and are always spot on with their information, as well as gorgeously put together, well-photographed, and usually truly entertaining.  So I headed over to Chicago’s amazing Unabridged Bookstore (where the entire basement floor is full of travel guides and books, by the by) and picked up a copy of Lonely Planet’s “Travel with Children.”

And good timing on my part, as my son’s first multi-state road trip is happening this Spring.

Compiled by members of the LP staff who actually have kids they’ve traveled with, “Travel with Children” hits all the right notes.  It’s divided neatly into sections – Top Tens, Before you Go, On the Road, Types of Holidays, Destinations, and Travel Games – and remains charming and informative as it helps ease all parental fears about traveling with children, from infants to teenagers.  In between, there are personal accounts of actual trips the staffers have taken with children, including one especially charming one written by the mother of a little girl who delights in an art museum in New York City.

I also appreciated that this book doesn’t try to reign in the types of vacations families can take, which is also nice.  There’s no reason a little dude can’t go on a Safari, or an infant can’t go to Paris – it’s all in the perspective and planning.

I can’t imagine there’s a better book on this subject on the market, so if you’re looking to hit the road with a little one, check it out!



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