Baby Books!

It’s never too early for books.

I grew up with a booknerd for a Mom, and was always surrounded by books.  So of course now that I’m about to bring my own child into the world, books were a requirement.

Without further ado, here are some images from the nursery.

“The Book of Goodnight Stories” was actually given to me when I was just a wee tot.  The rest of these books were gathered from all over – presents from friends, book sales, and book stores my husband and I love.  There’s a copy of James Thurber’s “Many Moons” in there, because it’s my favorite kids book ever.  And what little boy doesn’t need “Harold and the Purple Crayon?”

The itty bitty books collection – including some classic Winnie the Pooh and the all-time favorite “Goodnight Moon.”

(P.S. The elephant is a gift from my sister-in-law’s trip to India. This baby will also know his geography.)

And I figured it was fitting to keep the “Mommy” books in the baby room, too.  These are the texts that have alternately freaked me out and calmed me down over the last 39-ish weeks, and I suggest them to any mom-to-be.  I feel like I’ve spent 9 months readying to review “What to Expect.”

Any day now, this kid will enter the world.

And I’ll start reading to him immediately.


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  1. Check out new and old baby book titles at the Baby Book Nook, an informational site about reading to infants and toddlers.

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