BookNerd Adventure: Renegade Craft Fair

I like all things vaguely relating to etsy, and I also like street festivals.

Since it may be a while until I can attend another one, my husband and I headed over to Wicker Park for the recent 9th annual Renegade Craft Fair Chicago.  Despite the hot sun, we had a lovely time wandering among the supremely clever booths, and a few places caught our book nerd attention.

(Foolish me assumed that the map I shoved in my purse would be a good enough guide to help me remember which booth was which when I got home.  Didn’t happen.  So instead, have some pretty pics!)

I wish I remembered which booth this was from – because I’d totally like to order a few buttons now. C’est la vie.

Clocks! (And lamps!) Made of Books!

*I can say for certainty that this pic was taken at the Conduit Press booth.  I know this because I grabbed their business card, because I might just want a lamp made of books. No joke.*

Lots and lots of people had this “Poetry” bag.  I’m not sue where it came from, but its cute!

*Photo taken from the etsy store*

My favorite booth of the day wasn’t book-related at all, actually.  At the Jersey Maids booth, I drooled over the above “Clocket.”  (Get it? A clock locket?) My husband up and bought it for me right then and there.  It’s really gorgeous, and truly tells time, and I love it to pieces.  Visit their etsy store – there are some gorgeous items on display.

All in all, it was a great day to be outside and wandering among pretty booths of lovely merchandise.  There was food, gelato, and libations available all over the place – including Goose Island Beer, one of the event sponsors.  There were also a great number of Greyhound dogs roaming around, part of the “Greyhounds Only” rescue tent.

I’ll totally be returning next year.  Support indie artists!


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