Free book alert! “The Night Circus” at Starbucks!

Being one who frequents Starbucks, I’m used to seeing the little itunes Pick of the week cards, which contain a code to download a song or music video.

Until yesterday, I had never seen a Pick of the week that was for an ebook download, and I’m elated – because the book you can download is Erin Morgenstern’s “The Night Circus,” which I was about to go buy anyway.   (Neil Gaiman raved about this book when he spoke at the Chicago Public Library recently.)

Granted, I think you have to read it on an Apple device, but I think there’s a way to read the book on your PC.  (I’m still looking into this aspect of it.)  Also, I’m not sure exactly which Starbucks locations are offering this, but I’m sure they’re around – especially in the Chicago area.

So woot! Go get a free ebook – and one that’s supposedly one of the best reads of the year!

UPDATE:  Apparently it’s not the entire e-book, but a sample of the book.  Slightly disappointing, but still – if you were on the fence about buying the book, it could be a good preview.  (Thanks, Travis, for commenting and letting me know!)


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  1. Beware: it’s not a free book. It’s a free “extended sample”: 327 iPhone-sized pages out of a book that is 400 pages in hard back. (No idea what that works out to, but probably no more than a quarter of the book.)

  2. Oh, thanks for letting me know! I put the itunes card in my purse and haven’t gotten around to downloading yet. 🙂 Honestly, I was wondering how it could be good for sales to give away the book, but hoped it was some clever marketing shennanigans.

  3. I saw the card at Starbucks, too, and was intrigued, even though I don’t really want to read a book on my iPhone and it’s not really my genre. But I thought it was cool that they were giving away a book! And I thought it was the whole thing, too. It’s not clear from the card that it’s only an excerpt. I even asked a barista and he thought it was the entire book. Glad I didn’t bother downloading it.

  4. I downloaded the FREE book only to find out it was not the whole book and was still charged $26.95 to my iTunes account. Now I am having trouble having the charges reversed.

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