“Catching Fire” by Suzanne Collins [“Hunger Games” Book Two]

I devoured Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games” like it was ice cream and pickles.

[Pregnancy humor, get it?]

Though it took me a few weeks, I finally got myself a copy of the second book in the series and – like the first – tore through it, unable to put it down.

When we last left our fearless heroine Katniss Everdeen, she (along with District 12 partner and sorta-psuedo-boyfriend Peeta) had just won the annual competition known as The Hunger Games, an incredible feat of marketing and game-playing, as only one person is usually allowed to win the games after all the other competitors have been killed.  Thanks to some scheming and well-played hands, Katniss and Peeta played up a relationship that made them “the star-crossed lovers” of the games and media darlings.

In “Catching Fire,” it’s a whole new world.  Katniss has returned to her home and her family, but she’s a bona fide celebrity now, and her last act of defiance from the first book has launched a rebellion in the outside world.  The Mockingjay pin she wore during her time in the arena has become a symbol of this uprising, and has triggered revolutions in other districts.  Obviously, the government wants her to quell immediately. So much so, in fact, that when it becomes obvious that Katniss and crew aren’t going to play by their rules, a new plan is devised for the seventy-fifth anniversary of the games – one that brings old competitors back to the arena.

Of course, thanks to some shady rules put in place by the creeper of a President, Katniss is forced back into the ring, and Peetah (who’s actually in love with her, despite her wishy-washy romantic feelings for him) volunteers for the male slot from District 12.

So, they’re back where they started.

Only this time, it’s a different game.  The outside rebellions and uprisings have shown how many people are truly unhappy in the world, and the competitors in this go round are an altogether different bunch; instead of teenagers, you get an all-star cast of past winners of the games.

Oh, it would be so easy to spoil the ending of this marvelous second book in a series – but I won’t.

I’ll just say I won’t be wasting as much time getting around to reading the third book as I did for the second.

These are going to make amazing movies. Can’t wait.


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