“Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier

Magellan approved. And he's picky.

If you’re looking for romance, suspense, and Victorian mansions, look no further – Daphne Du Maurier’s “Rebecca” is awesome.

Our unnamed young woman narrator finds herself married to a wealthy widower after a whirlwind romance.  When she returns to Manderley (his mansion/her new home) with him after their extended honeymoon, she quickly realizes she’s stepped into some big shoes;  Rebecca, the previous wife, was adored by the household staff, gorgeous, the perfect hostess, flawless when it came to running a home, and a positively angelic wife.

Or was she? DUNDUNDUN!  It’s all a mystery!

With unexpected turns, brilliant characters, a fantastically developed narrator, and some truly creepy moments, this book is a blast to read.  There’s scandal and intrigue and all sorts of wonderfully mysterious things going on in every corner of the house.  There’s a housekeeper – Mrs. Danvers – with an obsession with Rebecca who’s as vivid a character as I’ve ever seen put on a page.  As a narrator, the new wife recalls her strange story in great detail while Du Maurier uses her as a vehicle to drop clues along the way that will lead the reader to their own assumptions.  (All the things I thought were happening were completely wrong in the end, FYI.  So, trust no one.)

It’s no wonder the book was turned into both an Academy Award winning Hitchcock film and a Broadway-aiming musical.

I encourage anyone who loves a good mystery, or The Brontes, to check out this book.


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  1. rhinestoneworld

    I tried to get into this one, but I put it down. The narrator’s self-esteem, or lack thereof, just drained me! Does it get better?

  2. I *loved* this book. I have got to read more Du Maurier…

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