What do you think?

Hello Readers,

I need your brains!  (No, not like a zombie needs brains.)

I’m sort of debating starting an online book club (SuchABookClub?) which would use a facebook page as a platform.

I’m still playing with themes and ideas and all that jazz, but maybe a facebook page could be used as a platform and there’d be a book of the month and we could chat about it on said page, and even perhaps have a monthly meet-up?

Suggestions? Anyone interested?

Your thoughts are totally appreciated!



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  1. I would LOVE that!!! Sign me up!!

  2. I check your blog irregularly to see what gems you’ve been reading or to see if you have similar thoughts about the books we’ve both read. This idea of an online book club sounds great, count me in 🙂

  3. Really enjoy your blog. I’d join!

  4. I just discovered you&your blog to my Delight! “Ditto!” to what the others have written with a very interested Yes!

  5. Hello there! For those who I’m not already facebook friends with, if you’re interested in joining the group – which is admittedly in the early/beta stages – shoot me an email at mail@suchabooknerd.com and I can add you to the group, which we’re keeping private for now. (Likely it will be public real soon.) Thanks!

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