Welcome to the Jungle – “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

“The Hunger Games” is one of those books/trilogies that I had heard about (especially with the movie coming up and casting news flying around) but hadn’t been interested enough to read.  Then came a co-worker/friend who simply told me I HAD to read the books, that they were wonderful and a fast read and that I wouldn’t be able to put them down.

Well, I picked up the first book in the trilogy while at (my beloved) Unabridged Books on Saturday, and by the end of the day I had finished it.

Guys, this is a great read.

If forced to describe it, I’d have to actually resort to math.

“Survivor” + “Lord of the Flies” = “Hunger Games.”

In a weird post-apocalyptic-ish world, America is divided into twelve districs and The Capitol.  Each year, each district sends two young people (a boy and girl) to The Capitol to take part in a national obsession – “The Hunger Games.”  Our heroine, seventeen year old hunter and woodsy girl Katniss, volunteers for the games to save her younger sister from having to take part.  You see, the point of the games is that there can only be one survivor.  Yep, these young people will fight to the death in an arena designed to resemble a jungle (and ruled over by a mysterious group called the Gamemakers) and the whole thing is televised to a captivated audience.

As a reader, we like Katniss and root for her as she goes from underdog from a poor district to the favorite to win the entire event thanks to her pluckiness, temper, and a couple of really great public relations moves from Cinna, her stylist, and Peeta, the boy from her district.  Several of the other players in the game are also fascinating characters – Katniss and Peeta’s drunk coach, a young sly girl called Foxface, a younger girl named Rue, but most especially the aforementioned Peeta.  He’s a clever player who operates behind a nice-guy facade, but how much is actually nice-guy and how much is a lie?

This book – full of adventure and twists – is going to adapt perfectly to the screen, and I’m excited to read the other two books in the trilogy as soon as possible. I’ll be picking them up as soon as possible.

Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.


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