The Crane Wives’ “Safe Ship, Harbored”

Happy Monday!

Normally, I don’t use this blog as a forum for my musical tastes.

I figure most of you don’t really care about my unabashed Britney Spears fandom, my New Pornographers crush, or my kinda encyclopedic Broadway cast recording knowledge.

This time, though, it’s personal.

The Crane Wives are a Michigan-based indie/folk ensemble, and they’re spectacular.  I would be saying this even if one of the band members (the lovely Kate Pillsbury) wasn’t my cousin.   The fact that she is makes it even cooler.  Their debut album – “Safe Ship, Harbored” – came out in May and it’s simply amazing.  I can’t stop listening to it, and the feedback they’ve been getting is huge.  Their folky style is reminiscent of The Decemberists, with stellar vocals and musicianship all over the place.

I’m officially unable to get the title track out of my head.

Also – Yes, I can totally make this book related.  The album contains a gorgeous track called “Caleb Trask,” which should ring a bell to any of you who’ve read John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden.”

Listen to the track below.

Check them out further, and download their album at


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  1. Me likey!

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