UPDATED! Printer’s Row Book Fair 2011…

**UPDATE: Dear Readers — I am a moron, and the list of events I was using was from 2004.  I know, right? So, please ignore what used to be posted here – and please visit the very up to date and super official Chicago Tribune schedule for Printer’s Row Book Fair 2011. Where you can find an ACTUAL schedule for THIS year’s event. Totally my bad. Blame my pregnant brain.**



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  1. Will you be down there for all of those events?

  2. Baby/Weather permitting, I’m hoping to! Are you attending?

  3. hey are you sure about the time for the history and fiction forum? i dont see it on the schedule, perhaps the columbia res hall is not listed?

  4. Hey Brian – I got that schedule from http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/printers-row-book-fair/Content?oid=915692 – but you’re right, I don’t see the event on the actual .pdf of the schedule. That said, I don’t think the Res Hall is listed. Interesting/Confusing!

  5. Julie Andrews . . . go glad to know about this. Thanks.


  6. OMG! You guys, I’m a moron. That link I was using was YEARS old. Please see the link in the revised post for the Tribune’s official – and correct – list of events. My apologies!

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