Oh, Baby! – “A Bump in the Road” by Maureen Lipinski

My office has a book swap shelf in our lounge.  Most of the books on said shelf, admittedly, are mine, but once in a while I pull something from the shelf to read.

Maureen Lipinski’s “A Bump in the Road” was pulled from that shelf.  Being pregnant, the idea – about a high-living city-girl who finds out she’s pregnant – sounded amusing to me.

What I wasn’t expecting was to laugh so hard.  Lipinski is a hilarious, no-nonsense writer and her exploits – from mood swings to planning high-profile events while carrying a life inside her – had me cracking up. Along the way, she and her husband wind up growing up a little, and her two best friends (who don’t get along) wind up semi-reconciling.  Life isn’t all rainbows and kittens, and sometimes the only way you can look at that is to laugh at it.

In one over-the-top scene, she winds up babysitting for a toddler who manages to both drip popsicle all over as well as stick a penny in a light socket.  Sounds terrible, right? Not in the way it’s written.  Instead, I laughed. Out loud.

I’m not saying it’s classic literature.  Seriously, it’s not.  But, it’s amusing and funny and I found it to be a delight to read. Will it wind up back on the book swap? I’m not sure yet.  I might pass it off to another friend who may be planning to get in the family way. To be determined..


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