When a Wild Child Settles Down – “Planting Dandelions” by Kyran Pittman

Domestic Bliss isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept.

For Kyran Pittman, moving from Canada to Arkansas and becoming the mother of four boys wasn’t a lifelong dream.

However, like many people, life took her where she didn’t expect – and she’s had the good sense to write about these adventures.  Her humor and honesty have scored her a job writing for Good Housekeeping, and now in “Planting Dandelions,” Pittman shares her quirky life with the rest of the world.

From financial woes to the wonders of turning forty, Pittman is honest about everything.  Once a hot young thing/bar waitress, she’s now a stay at home mom/writer.  She speaks of the joys and screw-ups of parenting, and it’s refreshing to read.  Sometimes a parent gets busted when the tooth fairy doesn’t deliver. (I remember catching my Mom sneaking my Easter basket in from the barn one Easter evening.  These things happen.  And they don’t screw up your kids, thank you very much.)  She’s also honest about infidelity – considering when she came to America and met her current husband, she was still not divorced from her first marriage.  She speaks of how, as she and her husband have grown older, their eyes have both wandered – but they’ve always come back together.

Pittman doesn’t claim to know it all.  Instead, she’s simply sharing her stories with the reader.  Take them or leave them, they’re there.

“Planting Dandelions” hits stores in May, and would make a cute Mother’s Day gift.


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