The Family Ocean – “The Silver Boat” by LuAnne Rice

I always tease my mom for liking books about “families of women through generations.” Reading Luanne Rice’s “The Silver Boat,” I knew it was a book she’d enjoy.

The McCarthy sisters have come together to clear out their family home on Martha’s Vineyard after their mothers death.  Their father, a boat builder, sailed to Ireland years ago in search of a piece of land he claimed was his birthright, but never returned and is presumed dead.  The sisters – Dar, Del, and Rory – are all in the middle of their own dramas;  Rory and her husband are divorcing, Del has a son who’s a meth addict in Alaska, and Dar is a moody graphic novelist who lives in her head much of the time.  The people who have put a bid on the house are eager to get in and get measurements, but the McCarthy family just wants one more week to remember the summers they spent growing up in the Vineyard.

Dar has never given up on her Dad still being alive, and their lives all go even more up in the air after she decides to go to Ireland to see what happened to him.

Family secrets are realized, relationships break and begin, and sisters grow closer.  Everything seems realistic and nothing is melodramatic.  Luanne Rice weaves a story that ebbs and flows like the waves the McCarthys constantly look over.

“The Silver Boat” is a lovely piece of fiction.  I’ll be sure to hand it to my Mom when I see her next – on vacation this summer in my hometown. Appropriate, right?


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