A Paranormal Romance – “Kiss Me Deadly” by Michelle Hauf

There’s a sub-group of romance novels for Historical romance, and apparently one for pregnancy romance, so why the heck wouldn’t there be paranormal romance novels?

I blame “Twilight.”

But then again, I’d like to blame a lot of things on “Twilight.”

Nikolaus Drake is a powerful Vampire – leader of a small group of Minneapolis vampires.  Ravin Crosse is a sexy witch who hates all vampires and slays them with fearless abandon.  Witches blood apparently instantly kills vampires.  When a glass bullet containing Ravin’s blood splashes on Nikolaus, it takes him months to recover from the damage.  As he heals, he dreams of revenge against the witch.  Finally healed, he goes to her home – and it happens to be on the night she’s brewing a love potion for the Devil.  (Ravin bartered her soul to the Devil for the ability to clearly Vampires clearly.)  The potion spills on him, and he falls in love with her.  Though she’s aware he’s just under a spell, she falls for it and their passion carries them through several sensual scenes.

As it was just a potion, though,  it wears off, and Nikolaus is pissed.  However, as he’s both survived witch’s blood and shagged a witch, he’s become super-duper powerful and needs Ravin.  In fact, he’s actually in love with her.  And she, despite hating vampires with every ounce of her soul, loves him back.  The Devil shows up and demands Ravin’s first-born, which leads her to realize that – gasp! she’s pregnant! – and there’s a battle, which the good guys win (though the Devil isn’t defeated.)

There are also werewolves.

That’s about it, actually.  The ending of the book clearly leaves the door open for a sequel – like, say, what happens when Ravin actually has the baby that the Devil wants.  As I probably won’t stick around to read the sequel, that was a bit of a let-down.

It’s not a bad book – it’s just a bit meh.  There’s not enough action and far too much description.  That said, if you want your romance with a side of vampire – this one’s for you.

Me, I’ll stick to “True Blood.” 🙂


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