Romance AND Murder! Sha-zam! – “How to Woo a Reluctant Lady” by Sabrina Jeffries

Huzzah for books that are part of a series, yet don’t require having read the other books in said series to understand them.  I would never have known that “How to Woo a Reluctant Lady” was the third book in a series – it’s such a treat of a read on it’s own, it needs no introduction nor follow-up.

(Not to mention – what a title, huh?!)

This book was a blast.  Part historical romance, part bodice-ripper, part regency-era “Law and Order,” it’s sure to please anyone.

Lady Minerva Sharpe doesn’t need a man.  She’s a successful writer and just fine on her own.  Her Grandmother, however, decides to hold back her inheritance unless she finds someone to marry.  Minerva no dummy, decides to get back at her Grandmother by interviewing husbands who respond to an ad she placed in a newspaper, in the hopes that her Grandmother would rather hand over the money than see her marry some guy off the street.  However, into the fray walks barrister/rogue Giles Martin, whom Minerva has been steamed at since they shared a kiss on her nineteenth birthday.  Giles is in love with her, but all she sees in him this time around is the perfect foil – a rake-ish scoundrel her Grandmother can’t possibly approve of her marrying.

It isn’t until Giles and Minerva wind up investigating the death of Minerva’s parents years ago that sparks begin to fly.    Giles works his charms, Minerva surrenders, and the two of them fall into each others longing arms – and still manage to unravel a years-old mystery at the same time.  It ends neatly and happily.

“How to Woo a Reluctant Lady” is great fun, and if you’re looking for a book to gently wade into the waters of romance novels, I’d suggest it.  It’s a silly, sexy, adventure.

SuchABookNerd Smut Index: 7.  There are, in particular, one scene at an Inn and one scene in a pond that are steamy as can be.


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