On the closing of Borders stores.

One of the most appealing things about the Lakeview/Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago that I call home was the 3-story Borders at the triangle intersection of Clark, Diversey, and  Broadway.

I say “was” because the store (like many other Borders stores) is going out of business.

As of today – Saturday, February 19th – the store has hung up it’s “Sale” and “Going out of Business” signs, posed dudes at the corners with further signs, and the chaos has begun.  Currently, books are 20-40% off, but as the days go by the discounts will get deeper. Lines in the store already snake from the registers back to the magazines, around to where the Seattle’s Best Coffee used to be (it’s gone now) and back to the registers again.  As someone who witnessed the sale chaos at the closing of the Michigan Avenue Borders a few months ago, I can tell you it’ll only get more chaotic as the sales get more extreme.  That said, there are some good deals to find, if you’re willing to dig around.

I’m not going to speculate on why Borders is closing – though seriously, bad management dudes – but instead bid the Mega-Book-Store a fond farewell.  I’ve had some good times in Borders stores through the years.  Maybe they need to regroup. Maybe it’s the end. Who knows?

My husband and I ventured into our Borders this afternoon for a hot second, but were quickly turned  off by the serpentine line and left.  I told him I thought it was depressing.  His response was dead-on – “But think of it like a burning building – People are rescuing the books!”

And that, my friends, is why I married him.

Farewell, Borders.  May you pull it together. Somehow.

(While I’m sad to see Borders go – mainly for the convenience factor of having a bookstore less than two blocks away – it’s not like I don’t live in a neighborhood with some amazing independent bookstores.  From this point on, more of my shopping will be done at one of the best book stores in all of Chicagoland – Unabridged Bookstore.  Their knowledgeable staff, fantastic collections, and killer sale section are more than worth the short jaunt to the store for me.)


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