Not that magical, actually – “Spellbound” by Nora Roberts

Obviously, Nora Roberts had to appear sometime in February.  The woman, like Danielle Steel, is an institution – and a household name to boot.

So, I expected more from “Spellbound.” What I read was a jumbled mess.

Calin Farrell (not Colin Farrel, that’s how I read it at first too) is a famous photographer who’s burned out, yet in search of something.  Encouraged to take a break, he decides to go to Ireland and winds up meeting a woman he’s been dreaming about his entire life.   Like, every night of his life.  Her name is Bryna, she’s a witch, and they’ve been destined for each other through centuries. Or something.  Now that Calin has returned to her, he must accept all this magic as truth in time to help Bryna stand up against an evil dude who also wants possession of her.

The plot’s a disaster, to be sure.  I’m still not entirely sure why Bryna does the things she does, and why/how Calin chooses the decision he makes in the climactic moments.  I’m still also not entirely convinced the bad guy is as bad as he’s supposed to be.  In addition, the characters are completely one-dimensional.  She’s pretty. He takes pictures. Character development, done.

I’m presuming I happened to pick one of Ms. Roberts’ lesser works, as no one sells as many copies as she does without some gifts somewhere.

I grabbed another of the author’s books, and that review will appear shortly.

Long story short –  “Spellbound” hardly captivated me.  Bummer.

SuchABookNerd Smut Index: 3.5? “Spellbound” is more about the greater, more transforming pleasures (and power) of love than the carnal ones.  At least, I think that was the point.


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  1. Megan Bacalao Virkler

    Haha, could not agree more. Unfortunately, definitely one of her worst. Hope the next is better!!

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