Rock & Roll & Russian Mobsters – “Turbulent Sea” by Christine Feehan

Joley Drake is a massive rock star.  She’s also some sort of weird magical person who feels people’s auras like they’re songs. (I guess?) Her bodyguard, Illya, may or may not have ties to the Russian mafia.  That, however, doesn’t stop Joley from falling into a passionate relationship with him.  Since someone is trying to kill Joley while her band is on tour, having her bodyguard paying extra close attention doesn’t hurt.

“Turbulent Sea” is a little confusing.  In it’s defense, it’s part of a larger series about the Drake sisters.  I’m sure if I’d read those other books the magical powers these women possess and the past adventures that are referred to throughout the book would make sense.  As a stand-alone book, there’s an awful lot of names and incidents referred to, which I fully admit to skimming.

After all this build-up about magic and auras, the book ends a little disappointingly.  There’s no apocalyptic battle between good and evil or anything.  Just a few handy resolutions, a short car chase, and a character you think is a good guy really isn’t.  Ta-Da.  Neatly resolved. Done and Done.

Author Christine Feehan clearly loves the characters she’s created, and invests great amounts of literary energy into making the reader feel the same.

I didn’t leave this book needing to know all the secrets of The Drake Sisters, but I’m not sorry I read it.  That counts for something, right?

SuchABookNerd Smut Index: 8.5.  Whether or not the plot is jumbled, the dirty scenes are pretty hard-core.


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