A Ridiculous Riot – “Some Like it Wild” by Teresa Medeiros

Teresa Medeiros’ “Some like it wild” is a book so audacious that it attempts to pull off the most ridiculous possible ending.  Weirdly, too, it succeeds.

I’m not kidding. My jaw dropped.

It’s 1814 in Scotland.  Pamela and Sophie Darby are sisters.   Their mother, a famous actress, was murdered.  Left completely broke, and without any options as to how to survive (as they’re bad actresses themselves) the two girls hatch a ridiculous scheme – to find a con-man to pretend to be the long-lost son of a Duke, so they can collect the reward money for returning the son to the father. (Also, for reasons too complicated to explain, they believe this will help them find out who murdered their Mother.)

The man they find is Scottish highway robber Connor Kincaid.  Of course he’s staggeringly attractive and overwhelmingly attracted to Pamela.  For some reason, he agrees to go along with the whole charade. When the tricky trio return a cleaned-up Connor to the aging duke, the duke immediately accepts Connor and welcomes him into his home.  Connor (no idiot and realizing Pamela and Sophie will likely turn him in once they’ve collected their reward and made their escape) ties them even tighter together by announcing Pamela as his fiancee.

It practically becomes a farce after that.  Sophie winds up playing Pamela’s maid,  Connor’s friend who poses as his valet dallies with the cook, Pamela and Connor can’t keep their hands off each other, the duke’s nephew might be a scheming little prig, and the duke’s sister is all kinds of diabolical.

It’s  a a big jumble of mysteries and schemes and silliness.

It’s also pretty darn steamy.   Pamela and Connar lock lips for the first time moments after they first meet, and their love scenes are fairly detailed and vivid – even blush-worthy in a few places.    There’s also a whole bunch of naughty dialogue.  Medeiros is a writer who knows to give the readers what they want, for sure. (There’s a reason she’s a NYTimes Bestselling author.)

HeadsUp: I’m about to spoil the ending of the book, so click away now if you don’t want this ruined.

Thanks to a whole bunch of adultery and broken hearts, it turns out that Connar actually IS the son of the duke he’s been pretending to be.  Right?  I may have said “D’oh” out loud upon that realization.  However, by this point the book is so delightfully silly that it all actually works.

“Some Like it Wild” is total fun escapism.  I read it fast and I’m sure I smiled most of the way.  Medeiros knows how to weave an interesting story.  This was a fun one. (And, you know, the first time a “Highland Brute” has made an appearance in one of these books this month.  Check that off the list.)

SuchABookNerd Smut Index: 8.  This one’s full of naughty/fun shenanigans.


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