And then she got pregnant! Gasp! – “The Heiress’s Baby” by Lillian Darcy

Now, I’m going to need you to think really hard about this.

Famous blonde tabloid-loving socialite daughter of hotel bajillionare – named after a place?

Does that ring a bell?

Well, you’re wrong.  The heroine of Lillian Darcy’s “The Heiress’s Baby” is NOT Paris Hilton.  Nope, her name is Atlanta Sherdian (I kid you not) and her father has put her in charge of one of the most successful properties in the Sheridan Hotel chain to give her a chance at responsibility after time spent in tabloid hell and traveling.  Unfortunately, by putting Atlanta in charge, a nice guy named Nate got bumped and now has to act as babysitter/life coach to Atlanta (or Lannie.)

Of course, they’re attracted to each other.  Much of this attraction seems to come from the fact that they both like hiking.

The book cuts back and forth in time from the start of Nate and Lannie’s relationship to the aftermath of her announcing she’s pregnant with his baby.  (Likely from a sex scene in the woods, all of which I can recall is a description of the bug repellent that they rub on each other. Yep.)  Now that Lannie is pregnant, will she bail – like she’s done her entire life when things have gotten too intense or too real? Will they stay together? Drama! Emotions!

Now, I’m gathering that romance novels featuring pregnancy are a thing.  Some of the titles I’ve come across have been “Pregnancy of Passion,” “His Royal Love-Child,” and “The Greek’s Christmas Baby,” though there are many more.  Maybe it’s a sub-group of the whole “Romance Novel” thing.  I mean, if Historical stories and Paranormal romance stories are things, why can’t pregnant babes be a thing, right?

If I’m being honest, I grabbed this book from our office book swap when I saw the title.  It’s a sweet little read, and completely inoffensive.  However, in all honesty, it was a little dull and it’s likely to wind up back on the shelf if came from.

SuchABookNerd Smut Index: Purely for the use of bug repellent (which is novel, to say the least) let’s say 3.


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