Welcome to the Club, Nora Roberts!

There are lots of popular authors. There are also lots of serious readers with Kindles.

Having recently become a Kindle-owner, I found this bit of news really interesting:

Nora Roberts has just joined James Patterson and the late Stieg Larsson in the Kindle Million Club. Membership in this elite group, which currently consists of only these three writers, is restricted to authors who have sold over a million books in the Amazon.com Kindle Store.

It makes me smile to know that the most-downloaded authors are these three.  Granted, the numbers are a little bit silly.  You don’t need to pay to download classics for your Kindle when you can get them for free, which pretty much rules out a whole ton of noted authors, but still – I think it’s kind of glorious.

Only these three writers.

(FYI – I totally have all three of Steig Larsson’s books on my Kindle just waiting to be read.)


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  1. As a recent Kindle owner too, I find this interesting…especially as I have downloaded, ahem, several Nora Roberts books 🙂 Are you loving yours? I am definitely enjoying mine!

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