A Queen for the (Dark) Ages – “The Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor, Vampire Slayer” by Lucy Weston

On the eve of being crowned Queen of England, Elizabeth Tudor is whisked from her bedchamber by two of her most trusted advisers, and learns that she is much more than just a soon-to-be queen with an unfortunate family history.

Elizabeth Tudor is a Vampire Slayer.  Oh yes, she is!

Admittedly, I’m nearing the point of being totally over the whole trend of taking historical figures (Abraham Lincoln, Queen Elizabeth) or works of classic fiction (Pride and Prejudice, Little Women) and shoving vampires or werewolves into the story line purely as a gimmick.  There have been a couple of mashups that I’ve seriously enjoyed, but overall it’s a trend I won’t be too sad to see fade away into the bookcases of time.  What saves “..Elizabeth Tudor..” from being another ridiculous entry into this tricky genre is the author, Lucy Weston.

Ms. Weston is into vampires.  So into them, in fact, that her biography claims she’s the vampire/woman who inspired Bram Stoker to create the character of Lucy in Dracula.

Whatever she is, she’s a good writer with a strong sense of what people are looking for when they pick up a book like this. Wisely, the book is a sexy, fast-paced adventure in the royal court of England, with throwbacks to the court of Camelot, and there are vampires, too!  (Imagine a Phillipa Gregory novel with vampires.  It’s kind of like that.  Which I mean as a compliment.  Really, I do.  Say what you will about Gregory, she’s infinitely readable.)

After discovering her powers, Elizabeth comes face to face with the most powerful vampire, Mordred.  Yep, the Mordred from the King Arthur tales.  Though Elizabeth knows he’s evil and has been warned against him, she’s drawn to his seductive powers and torn between her loyalty to God/her kingdom and her carnal desires and the temptation of eternal life and beauty.  Assisted by her human lover Robin, her advisers, and the spirits of both Anne Boleyn and Morgaine LeFay, Elizabeth goes head to head with the darkest of villains.

Will she or won’t she give in to her dark desires, readers?

You’ll have to read and find out.

“..Elizabeth Tudor..” surprised me.  It’s a fun book, and an easy way to escape from the real world even for a few hours.  Why not get swept up in Queens and Vampires for a while, right?


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